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Most of your frequent questions answered

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  • Why would I want to use AirMail?

    Whenever you need to supply an email address and don't feel like giving away your real email. For example when signing up for a forum, a new SaaS application, or uploading a file to file sharing services.

  • How do you protect my privacy?

    We don't ask for any of your personal details, we proxy your ip address when reading HTML emails in the browser and we delete our logs and messages every 24 hours.

  • I signed up for web site X and the activation email is not coming through what's going on?

    Some web sites take longer to issue activation emails when busy with lots of users, Others block signups from AirMail probably because they can't sell these addresses to third parties, we regularly swap our domain names and server ip addresses to prevent that, but it's a never ending battle. Try again with a different email address (by clicking Random) .

  • Can I forward messages to my real email?

    No, AirMail only receives emails. We never send emails out, you can always copy paste from the browser and send an email to yourself.

  • Can I reply to emails through AirMail?

    No, we do not allow sending emails out of AirMail. You can't reply to messages.

  • How do I contact you?

    See the Contact Us page

  • How do I view AirMail in my language?

    if you would like to have a version of AirMail in your language and you are ready to help with translating a short file of few English phrases please contact us.

  • Can I help or donate to support AirMail

    Yes, we accept donations in bitcoins at 17gPe9kWZPz1SWUAg283GrLTb6BjEVAy4J

Servicio de correo electrónico temporal, desechable y privado.

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